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    Hide tool bar fiasco FM 16


      FM 16ADV

      Windows 10


      The Hide menu bars "Feature" broke my previous scripts, as now on popup windows, I now have a tool bar.  I edit script to hide tool bar on the popup and now my solution has no tool bar.


      When I try to edit the script in the debugger the other BUG is you can no longer edit a script that is running. It looks like you are but you are not.  So I can not set a script step to show menu bar.



      This is a poorly thought out "Feature"  and the bug of not editing a running script makes it a fiasco

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          Thank you for your post.


          Could you clarify what you mean by "popup window"?  Do you mean a popover panel?  Do you mean another document window?


          Could you also explain about editing a script when it is running?  Whenever you make a change to a script that is running and attempt to save the script, you will get a message "Performing this action will halt the currently running script. Proceed?"



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