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    Printing on Server 16


      Ok, I now see I can do a printer setup from the server, but still cant print, is that right?




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          Hi Christic,


          No, you can not print from the server via a server script schedule or a perform script on server.

          But you can do a Print Setup to controll the format of a PDF you create on the server.

          Skærmbillede 2017-05-19 kl. 15.47.50.png

          Of course new possibilities open op when we can create a PDF on the server ... you could continue with an OS level script that will print the PDF. But why would you print to a printer from the server ... will somebody be ready to pick up the printP

          OK, it will be possible to think of a use case, but in general probably not.


          Best regards


          Ps the print setup is also available from WebDirect when "printing" or creating PDF here.

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            Actually I can think of cases for printing from the server. 


            If you had someone collecting form data on a mobile basis, you may want to have forms printed at the main office automatically as data is collected in the field.  It would be nice to have that capability from server.

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              OK, but then we can at least do this via an OS level script with the pdf.

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                Ok, don't get me wrong, I love the changes. Looks great even on windows.


                Just didn't understand. 


                So I had the server run a report in the morning and send out some emails, but some people don't have an email address, so I print out a letter to mail.  This I had to do manually. 


                So I could save a PDF and then run a task to print and then delete it pdf.  



                That should work.


                thanks for all the in put!!!!

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                  I can think of a case...

                  A reception card printer that is networked and where the interface is an iPad

                  Need to NOT have a computer there JUST so it can print to the card

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                    Lots of options with network printers. I would still try to avoid a system script on FMS for this. Using a FMP print robot to dispatch print jobs across the network via FM print scripts is better I think.

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                      The risk to actually printing from the server machine is that you have to install a printer driver and you have now added a new failure point to your system. If a crash occurs due to an issue with the printer driver, you lose the entire server and everyone is unable to use the system.


                      If this happens on a client machine, then only the client is affected and other users can continue to use the database.