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How to put invoice date in portal

Question asked by jeffsb on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by erolst

I am a beginner in Filemaker and have created one solution, in use and in progress. This question involves a FileMaker solution of the customer, invoice, line item, product pattern. The customer layout has a portal that shows the invoice number, invoice date, and a list of all the products for each invoice as well as quantity of products purchased.


Thus the portal not only shows the list of invoices but also all the products purchased on each of those invoices. The portal is based on the line item table. The portal works fine for everything but the invoice date. The invoice date is in the invoice table. In the portal under invoice date I put  the field definition,  invoice::invoiceDate,  That doesn't work -- it gives the same (spurious) date for every invoice. How can I get this portal to have the correct invoice date? What am I missing? Have been spinning my wheels on this and any help would be appreciated!