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Trying to figure out how to search two fields from one field

Question asked by JP_1 on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by user1069

I have a table that is for orders which contains a field - Salesperson & a field Salesperson2.  Right now I'm able to search and print a report that subtotals by salesperson.  I just added salesperson2 for sales where 2 salespeople work on and both get commission.  I'm looking to search all orders for a sales person (whether listed they are listed as salesperson or salepserson2).  I know that I can search salesperson then salesperson2 but was looking for a way to search with one field (ie SalespersonAll that looks at both salesperson & salesperson2).  My next hurtle is how to subtotal the report so it groups all orders.  Other than searching salesperson- running the report then searching salesperson2 - running the report then adding them together.....I'm stuck.  Any thoughts or directions would be appreciated!