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    how to show unlinked items in form portal


      I have a deposit table and donations table and donors table


      When a new donation is entered the foreign key to deposits is empty




      Here i see all donations  which belong to this deposit slip.


      Now i in the donations screen I add 5 more deposit for example (they are not yet linked to a deposit slip)


      Then when I go back to the deposits form and add a new record I would like to see all donations not yet linked but now being linked to this deposit slip.


      How would I go about this?




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          I use a join table called split_payments that links a payment (donation) to the invoice. This makes a many-to-many link so:

          • one payment can be "split" into different invoices (same client)

          • one invoice can receive many payments (splits)


          Sometimes one Payment goes to one Invoice and is payment-in-full. I still use the "split_payments" to record this.





          Invoices::invoiceID_pk = split_payments::invoiceID_fk

               split_payments::paymentID_fk = Payments::paymentID_pk



          Invoices can use this join file. It's somewhat similar how a Quickbooks or other accounting software handles payments for products, services, etc.


          You may do something similar.