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Next steps for a purchase order

Question asked by rjalex on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by erolst

Dear friends,

I am struggling through my first FM app ... I know this will make some of you smile but at times I feel like it's too much and drop the whole thing but thanks to your help and some stubbornness I hope one day I'll look back at this as an heroic start :-)


So now I have my starting Purchase Order drafted with an "header" with PO info and a portal below it, proudly showing me the one and only Purchase Order Line I've manually built also showing data from the Brands, Supplier and Product fields.


Now in the "header" part of the Purchase Order I'd like to have a field with the total of all the PO lines (each line has a price and a quantity which multiplied give the line total).


How do I define such a field in a way it shows the value and it will update it each time a PO line is added or a value in any PO line is modified ?


Thank you very much and please rem I'm still a very confused beginner ! :-)