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Got myself stuck in ordering :-(

Question asked by rjalex on May 19, 2017

Ok here's the flow I'd like to model:


The context is a Purchase Order and it has been populated with several fields including a Supplier from the relevant table.


When I click New I want to open a dialog to search for Products by their description or UPC barcode.


If found I'd like to:

  1. Populate the new POline with the product I found
  2. Search the SKUs table for the PartNumber for that Product as defined by that specific supplier
    1. If found populate the POline with the PartNumber, price, minimum quantity
    2. If not found enter those values in the SKU table too

If not found I need to create the Product and then go to creating the SKU record too (with part number, price etc)


I now only have a portal showing the filled POlines but not sure if/how I can leverage popovers and other controls to go forwards.


Thanks a lot