Portal filtering and true Record number

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I am facing some issue with my solution so, a little help really need.




I have a Table that includes all contact records of Companies and Persons and classified by categories (CompanyCat = 1, PersonCat =2)

I would like to create a Tab when user can switch between Person or Company. I have solved it by two Portal in the same Layout by using self-join and each portal has been filtered according to its categories and joined with "X" relationship. So far, it works. The issue starts when I would like to pick one row and get the real ID and copy that into a Global field. I have used the following four script variations:


Global field = Globals::ActiveRecord

ID = Contact::ID


Set Variable $ActiveRecordID; Value:GetNthRecord (Contact::ID;GetField (Contact::ID))]
Set Field [Globals::ActiveRecord; $ActiveRecordID]
Commit Records/Requests[]

Result : ActiveRecord: "?" I have got a question mark.


Set Variable $ActiveRecordID; Value:GetField (Contact::ID)
Set Field [Globals::ActiveRecord; $ActiveRecordID]
Commit Records/Requests[]

Result ActiveRecord: "?"  I have also received a question mark..


Set Variable $ActiveRecordID; Value:Get(ActivePortalRowNumber)
Set Field [Globals::ActiveRecord; $ActiveRecordID]
Commit Records/Requests[]

Result: ActiveRecord: When I click on a row under the Company tab I got 1,2 or 3 but not 4,5,6,because the portal is filtered and the main table isn't that's why FM couples with the true ID. It does make sense.


Set Variable $ActiveRecordID; Value:GetLayoutObjectAtruute("ContactID1", "content")
Set Field [Globals::ActiveRecord; $ActiveRecordID]
Commit Records/Requests[]

ActiveRecord: "empty" Some reason it did not reach the field, but weird because it works with "objectType".


Any idea what to do? Better to use separate Tables for Company and Person?