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    Workgroup vs Domain and SSL


      Our internal network is setup as a Workgroup in Windows and not a domain, due to a vertical market application that connects to an IBM RISC server running AIX that needs a workgroup instead of a domain to identify the network computers.  How do I go about completing the Domain name when requesting a SSL Certificate or even can I?  I am not a networking expert by any means and this may not even be the correct domain that ssl certificate request is looking for.  Is it asking for what I would call the base URL pointing to the server from outside the LAN or the servers local area network name? 

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          While it makes it easier if you have an actual domain infrastructure, all you really need for the SSL to work correctly is a functional DNS that translates the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to a computer's IP address.


          If your server needs to be available from outside the network using that FQDN then DNS management is a bit harder.  You will need to consult with a networking guy that knows his DNS.  Best to pick someone locally that can come on site.

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            Ditto. You can have your own Domain Name Server. Get help if you need it.