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Looking for help using portal data in a scripted search

Question asked by benalgrain on May 20, 2017
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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a little problem I have run into.

Background: I have 1 table (ArtistInfo) in which is stored all the info related to the actors (each actor having their own record in that table). There are various fields in this table containing info like Age, Gender and Race.


I then have another table (JobInfo) in which is stored all the info relating to a specific job, and have created a Character table linked to this in which the various characters are stored. On the "Job" layout, I have a portal into the Character table and can create new character records in the Character table through the portal. Each Character record has fields for 'Race", "Gender", "Age from", and "Age to". The portal displays these fields and what I am trying to achieve is a button in the portal which when clicked will take the criteria in portal fields and use them as the search criteria in the Artist Table, thereby giving me a result of the actor's records that match the characters' criteria. I have scripted as follows for the button:


New Window [ Style: Document ; Name: "ARTIST SEARCH" ; Height: 700 ; Width: 1050 ]

Go to Layout [ "Artist" (ArtistInfo) ]

Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off]

Go to Field [ ArtistInfo::Sex ]

Set Field [ ArtistInfo::Sex ; Characters::CharacterSex ]

Go to Field [ ArtistInfo::Age ]

Set Field [ ArtistInfo::Age ; Characters::CharacterAgeFrom & ".." & Characters::CharacterAgeTo ]

Go to Field [ ArtistInfo::Race ]

Set Field [ ArtistInfo::Race ; Characters::CharacterRace ]

Go to Field [ ArtistInfo::Status ]

Set Field [ ArtistInfo:: Status ; "Active" ]

Perform Find


I hope all of this makes sense, I'm figuring things out as I go along, and it sometimes takes months for me to realize a stupid little mistake that I made along the way and can't really afford the time. Thanks in advance for the help!