"Flatten pdf style" a portal row

Discussion created by luffyfilemaker007 on May 19, 2017
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Hi guys,


So I set up a portal row for my daily appointments. With the name of customer and time and other info. This portal being on a layout based on "Day" table. So each day I have a new record for a new blank portal row; each row being a new appointment.


Now everything works well and I set up the Customer Name field with the ID in background with a drop down list and this works fine.

But the problem is that considering how my Filemaker file works is that a Customers Name is not always the same ID.

Because the ID is associated  physical folder number (IRL) where we put the customer file, but the place where we put the file (IRL) can physically be different.


So what happens is if I change the name associated to a folder it will change all my portal rows to this name instead of keeping the information.

What I would like it for it not to do it. Once the value is entered it should not recalculate if the information associated to the ID has been modified.


I am thinking I could save a pdf each day. But this would not be a very convenient solution and my portals would be messed up.



Any idea how I could do ?