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Text Formatting with Copy and Paste

Question asked by DJacoby on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by leish2

My coworkers frequently cut and paste data to put into our Filemaker system (names and companies, addresses, email addresses, etc).  The formatting of the pasted data rarely matches the data field formatting in the Filemaker field.  I have tried using a calculation with TextFormatRemove and nested formatting functions to set the formatting properly on the data entry fields.  Both methods work.  However, that same formatting seems to be carried throughout my system unless I over-ride it by conditional formatting.  I use names, addresses etc.  extensively throughout our system on reports; the default formatting for those reports is different than for fields on data entry layouts.  Setting the formatting on every report field is getting to be very labor-intensive.


Is there an easier way to make sure cut and pasted data is formatted correctly on data entry fields without affecting the rest of the database?


I know I can use Shift-Control-Option V (mac) to paste data minus formatting.  However, several of my users for the most part have very basic computer skills and don't like having to do anything special - four keys at once may be too much!


Help is always greatly appreciated!!