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    Name ONE Good Reason To Upgrade to FMP 16


      What is ONE good reason to upgrade to FMP 16?


      I know I'm going to do it eventually, but I'm one of those cautious (or perhaps lazy) people who usually waits for a month or two for all you early adopters to do the gamma testing for me and for FMI to issue its x.x.1 bug-fix release before I take the plunge on all the various machines I superintend. But perhaps there's some hot new feature that's so compelling that I just shouldn't wait that long this go-round.


      Make the case for me. What is there about FMP 16 that's so good I should just leap at it right away? And why?


      Just ONE thing, now; we don't need a lot of fanboy gushing on this thread.


      And if you want to identify something that should warn me off about it, start your own thread.

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          Dear Sir.

          One good thing: there are so many good things in FM16. And that is the single most significant thing about it!

          No apologies. I'm studying one new thing every day. Better than anything to keep the glee going for a while.


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            Hey Richard,


            I'm hardly an FMP fanboy, but 16 looks like a great release to me. IF you need the features.


            Having said that, there's nothing in 16 I really need to have or that would make me that much more productive so I'm not currently planning to upgrade. Check out the videos and materials here and decide if it's worth it for you.


            Of the 60 missing things I would like to see in FMP, I've only removed one of them (Data Viewer limitations) from my list and slightly updated two others. I still can't adjust font size in the data viewer so it remains difficult to read on a high-res MBP requiring me all the time to move the DV window to another monitor. And, (within FMP itself) there's still no SQL assist or being able to type SQL without using ExecuteSQL. The new DV only pastes the ExecuteSQL template into the DV window. I still have to type in the query and there's no assist there at all.


            I don't mean to sound negative (because FMI clearly did a lot of good work in 16 for users who have different needs than I) when I say I'll probably wait for 17.

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              Markus Schneider

              check out Matt Petrowsky's video - it gives a good overview


              - open a subscript right out of the scriptworkspace by command-click into it's name in the script-step

              - data viewer supports the new interface

              - other fine things like card windows are not a reason to upgrade when one has to support older version...


              what I can't test at the moment: If V16 would be much faster under Windows while debugging with some windows open -> this would be the key feature... (others reported that it's better..)


              FMGo seems to be really fine - from day one on. We suffered from a couple of issues when V14 appeared (and checked out alternatives... we really had problems) - but V16 seems to be very well, crispy

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                Name one good reason not too? It's one of the best versions they have ever released which should be obvious if you have followed all the news about it. SDI on Windows is probably the best one since it finally makes it useable on the Windows platform and costs nothing to implement. Cloud /JSON integration would be two for me and then the new card windows.

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                  The new Card window type. It really changes the way you write applications. Just browse the net for respective videos.

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                    Hi Richard

                    I'm on FM14 now, Cards is the main reason I want to move to 16 (Look and feel, plus enhanced speed as this will allow me to get rid of some very slow portals I have)


                    The main reason I will not be upgrading is, too many bugs and I HATE the new script step to hide menus.  This is a disaster, as far as I am concerned.  My previous pop ups that worked well are now all broken and when I add a script step to hide menu in that script it does it for my solution instead of just on that window. 


                    So unless they acknowledge this needs a fix, I'm out.



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                      The ability to print PDFs on the Server.  Improvements and bug fixes in WebDirect.  Support for oAuth security (Amazon, Google, Azure).


                      Lots of other little changes that make a nice difference.


                      I like Card windows, but will avoid since they don't work in WebDirect.

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                        +1 Lee!!!  I have 3 clients that jumped right on the first version of FMS 16 right away so they could get rid of robots running FMP on the same server to generate PDFs.  Now FMS can do that in service side scripts (schedule scripts, PSoS, etc.).  I usually like to wait for the first .1 version to come out before upgrading production systems, but this feature alone impacted several of my clients big time.

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                          If you are working professionals with FM, either developing or superintending, you should be updating in order to familiarise yourself with each new version, even if you want to wait a bit before advising it for those your superintend.

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                            SDI on Windows is a half-baked implementation.




                            The old interface placed all the open files within the overarching Window which could hide all the files by minimising the overarching Window.




                            On the Mac this can be achieved by selecting the Hide Filemaker Item on the Filemaker Pro Menu.




                            In the Windows implementation there is no way to hide all the open files and go back to the desktop that I can find.




                            Until that is fixed none of my Windows clients will be upgrading to 16. They use Filemaker as one of a number of programs  and need to be able to switch between programs easily.




                            If somebody has a workaround (which should not be Necessary)  I would like to know about it.




                            Best Wishes




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                              Jim Brear, I'm afraid I see your SDI complaint differently.  There is no way I would go back to not having SDI windows for the complaint that you have.  Solutions such as including a navigation button that scripts closing or hiding all windows, etc.  Not to mention if you want to just see your desktop, then hold down the Windows and hit "D".  Or you can design the User Interface to stay in the same Window.  All of these are in your control as the developer.


                              The feedback I have from my clients so far is that they love having multiple windows that they can put on separate monitors, etc.  It is a real winner with all of my clients so far.  You are the first person I've heard complain about the new SDI and I believe your complaint can be addressed with scripting.


                              I guess I was just really surprised to hear this complaint since it had been so requested by many people over the years.


                              I think you should let your clients try it and see which they prefer and get feedback from them on which they prefer.

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                                JimBrear wrote:




                                If somebody has a workaround (which should not be Necessary) I would like to know about it.



                                No workarounds; this is a pretty fundamental change in design. It's one of the most requested features since forever on Windows so it's not going to be rolled back.


                                It doesn't prevent users from switching apps though, I guess I'm not clear on what is blocking you there.  Any of the usual ways still work (alt-tab, clicking on the app in the task bar,...)

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