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    IP Collector


      I have a phone system, (Avaya IP Office) 


      I am currently collecting data from incoming and outgoing calls with Trisys IP Collector.  I manually download the data file and import it into



      I would like to grab the data directly in to filemaker server.  The IP Collector is grabbing the data from on port 6969. I looks for data in 1 min intervals.



      Does anyone know of a way to do this? 


      Thanks to all!!




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          I'm not exactly sure what you're saying.


          Are you saying you put the IPs in FMP locally and you want to then put them into FMS?


          Not sure why you're manually doing anything. It should be possible to automate. Everything.

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            I want a way to grab the data from the phone system using IP address, the phone system and the Filemaker Server are on the same network.


            Example of the data coming in:


            2017/05/20 07:12:36,00:00:00,1,,O,10,10,,0,1018145,1,E10,Extn10,V8000,U12 0.0,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            2017/05/20 07:12:36,00:00:00,1,,O,10,10,,0,1018145,0,E10,Extn10,V8000,U12 0.0,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            2017/05/20 07:12:19,00:00:47,6,8473721389,I,AA:PEAA2,,,0,1018144,0,T9001,Line 1.0,V9543,VM Channel 43,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            2017/05/20 09:43:54,00:00:21,0,9067745564,I,AA:PEAA2,,,0,1018146,1,T9001,Line 1.0,V9511,VM Channel 11,1,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            2017/05/20 09:44:14,00:00:00,1,,O,10,10,,0,1018147,1,E10,Extn10,V8000,U12 0.0,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            2017/05/20 09:44:14,00:00:00,1,,O,10,10,,0,1018147,0,E10,Extn10,V8000,U12 0.0,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            2017/05/20 09:43:54,00:00:47,5,9067745564,I,AA:PEAA2,,,0,1018146,0,T9001,Line 1.0,V9543,VM Channel 43,0,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,


            Thank for looking!!

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              Jason Wood

              Are you looking to remove "Trisys IP Collector" (which I understand to be software that connects to the phone system through the network to download logs every minute), or are you looking to automate the download and import of the logs created by "Trisys IP Collector".


              If you're looking to remove that software, you'll need to know how the software requests data from the phone system (e.g.: HTTP GET to http://username:password@[phonesystemipaddress]/getnewlogs/ ) and then once you figure that out, you need to know how to parse the response, because it might not look like what you're used to seeing (Trisys may be reformatting the data).


              If you're not looking to remove the Trisys software, then you just need to figure out how to download the file automatically that you already know how to download manually. So how do you do it manually?

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                The computer that has Trisys IP Collector on it is Windows XP, I would like to get this computer gone..


                The Trisys IP Collector is a third party program that communicates with this and other phone system...


                To move the system from  xp to windows 7 or above, it requires a $1200 update, and I would still have to manual update this every month..


                Does not matter the format that the phone give out, I can change the way it gets imported, if I can only connect to it...

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                  Jason Wood

                  I believe the specific API you need to learn is called DevLink3:


                  IP Office Interfaces


                  Need to register to download info (which I didn't do) so it's not clear if this is a REST API (or anything similar), or if it's something more complicated.


                  Good luck!

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                    Interesting, thank you very much I will check it out.