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Webdirect scrolling in sub-summary reports

Question asked by jocrys on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by londos

I have built a working time recording app. The app features a list view with several records (about 70 to 100) and subsummary sections featuring date and summary. Fields are edited in list view.




When clickling in a field, saving a record, clicking in sub-summary section or other actions, webdirect list scrolls to an undefineable position upwards. It seems, that it does no remember, where current record position is and jump to another sub-summary. There seems not to be a clear system, but is surely related to sub-summary.


Omitting sub-summary section leads to functional scrolling. Problem is independent from sorting and any parameters adjustable for sub-summary sections.


Build around is possible by letting away sub-summaries, this is not welcome for me.