FM 16 Advanced - is it me ... or is a 'bug'?

Discussion created by synergy46 on May 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by fmpdude

I work in both PC and Mac environments.

I keep the most common version of my development files copied onto Google Drive; to have access from either system.

This has always worked.


Because of the 'new' windows structure in Windows, I have changed my Report windows to have a common set of Menus.  This works.


I save that version locally on my PC AND to Google Drive.  

I go to my Mac.  I access the same Google Drive file.  To my surprise when I run the report, the menus do NOT show??? Huh....

So, I go back to my PC and find the script and insert todays date *5/20/2017).  I save the app to Google Drive again.

Next I open the Google Drive file my Mac.


No Menus. 


I open the script (right below) and notice:  The Mac version has the date inserted in the Windows version but the SHOW/Hide Menubar is DISABLED.....   (Script Line # 12)


huh???? What is this about?