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A Simple Sort Problem - Which I Cannot Solve

Question asked by hsutton47 on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by hsutton47

I wrote a short 5-step script named "Find_OK_only"):

Here is the Perform Find parameters:

Here is a snapshot of the Sort parameters:

And here is where, at the Modify Last Find point, in the layout search form I typed in "WAR" in the TITLE field:



And here is the result.  All records with "WAR" in the TITLE field, but not sorted ascending alphabetically by TITLE field:


Notice the red button labeld "sort_test_script".  I click on that and it runs a second script with just the last two steps of the original script.  Running that script successfully sorts the found set:



Here is the contents of the 2nd script:



I have tried unchecking the 'Keep records in sorted order" just for the fun of it and the exact same results occur.


And when I change the Sort Records {Restore; With dialog:Off] to On, the script does not halt and display the Sort Records dialog box in the original 5-step script.


However, in the "sort_test" 2-line script, if I enable dialog:On for the Sort Records step, the script halts and displays the Sort Records window.


What am I missing here?