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Trying to Clean Up and Fix Gradebook Database

Question asked by gswest on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by gswest

So I've come pretty far along on my Gradebook Database. I've used join tables but they oftentimes aren't functioning as expected. The Gradebooks is usable at this point but has several issues.


The first is...I'd like to be able to get Class Averages, Max, Min for Assignments to go on this Tab - Course Grade Breakdown


Gradebook 2 Course Window Grade Breakdown.png


Here's the Database Relationship Diagram:


Gradebook Relationship Diagram.png

Here are a couple of images that might help:


Gradebook 2 Course Window Students.png

and one last image:

Gradebook 2 Student Window.png

The tiny Class Assignments window in the top right corner is there because I can't figure out a way to automate Assignment information - DateDue, Points, Etc.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.