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    FileMaker Server Issues


      Hello Everyone.


      We recently discovered a few performance degradation issues that can not be neglected. One of those issues is that it takes one client-connected to the server- about 20-30 seconds to load a report that only takes 3-4 seconds tp load when you are working locally. We think that this maybe a server problem, but the only changes that we made were to put our filemaker server in a DMZ (Demilitarized zone) for added security. Any help on how to identify the root of the problem and how to fix it is really appreciated.

      Our filemaker server exists on a Hyper-V virtual machine. Do you recommend this approach?

      Also the physical machine on which the server is running on is in top shape. The virtual machine is also in peak condition and CPU/Memory levels are within the optimum range.

      We tried wireshark to diagnose our network but to no avail.



      Thank You

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          You say "one client": do other clients not have the same problem?  That would indicate something in that one client's environment.


          That things are slower when hosted and accessed remote than they are when you run things locally is a given; that should not be surprise.  The order of magnitude of slower depends on two factors largely:

          - the network setup (many latency between client and server)

          - the design of the solution (how much data it has to move, efficiency of calcs and routines,...)


          Hyper-V is not a problem in and by itself.   Provided that the virtual machine has all the right resources. The FMS stats log will tell you whether it is running into any bottlenecks.  Don't use the OS reports as the primary guide here; only use the FMS stats log.  It is off by default so make sure to turn it on in the admin console.  On the logging tab.

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            Sorry if my post was misleading. I meant that as an example. Some users experience delay in their daily transactions. Others have to wait for extended periods of time when they load some reports. Some simple functions such as logging in could take some time. As for the reports, they contain sorting and find functions. From my little experience in databases and SQL, these functions take alot of time to process when presented with thousands of records.

            Thank you for the advice on the log we will test it out and see if there is a bottleneck somewhere.

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              stra21 wrote:

              From my little experience in databases and SQL, these functions take alot of time to process when presented with thousands of records.


              Not really.  Thousands of record by themselves are not going to cause a significant slowdown, not like you are describing.  How many records do you have?


              It's  how the data is used that is more important.  If you have say a lot of summary fields or unstored calcs or many portals on a given layout then you are making FM working hard to aggregate and collect the data to present it to you.


              Where are your users?  On the same network as your server?

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                34656 records. There are a couple of summary fields on that report. There are also a few calculations that need to be calculated after a sort and filter operations. For such operations, what is the average time on a table with about 34k records? Is 20 -25 seconds acceptable? Its only a report. Does this delay indicate a problem in our network or is it just because information processing takes that long?


                The users are on a different network, but we all share the same DNS. I dont think its because of the distance from the clients and the server. They are only about 500 meters away from the server. 


                Thank You

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                  20-25 seconds for 35,000 records seems too long.  That would indicate problems with the design of the solution.

                  (Provided that you can rule out issues with the server by reviewing the FMS stats.log file).


                  There is no relevant 'average' or 'acceptable' time; it will all depend on how the solution was built and how it is deployed.


                  We'd need a lot more information to help you fix the issue.  You may benefit the most by reviewing your solution with another FM developer in your area.