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Filemaker 15 WebViewer problem

Question asked by ralvy on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 21, 2017 by sam_oda

I recently noticed that a script that loads a local html file in a WebViewer results in the WebViewer saying, "The requested URL was not found on this server." Though the WebViewer used to see this file fine for a long time, I only recently noticed that it fails to see it, without making any changes to the script that calls it. I might have not tested it in FM15 until now. So I wonder if FM15 has changed how the WebViewer sees local files.


The file loads fine with a browser, and is named "DataTracking.html". It lives in the solution's folder. My custom function I use to create the solution's URL path is GetSolutionFolderURL:


"file://" &

Let (

[ x = Substitute ( Get ( FilePath ) ; "file:/" ; "" ) ; y = Left ( x ; Position ( x ; "/" ; Length ( x ) ; -1  ) - 1 )  ]  ;

y & "/"



The WebViewer configured to load the  following:


GetSolutionFolderURL & "DataTracking.html"


Fully expanded, that string looks something  like this:


"file://Macintosh HD/users/ralph.../DataTracking.html"


I have the WebViewer setup to Automatically Encode URL.