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    Bug in FileMaker 16 Data API?


      We're running into an issue with the FileMaker 16 Data API.


      When using the REST API Find endpoint:



      (Where: ICRS.fmp12 is our solution, wMoPicList is our layout)

      And POSTing this body:

      {"query":[{"MoPicID": "=100013715"}]}

      The API returns:

      { "errorMessage": "Field cannot be modified",

      "errorCode": "201"



      If we turn off "Prohibit modification of value during data entry" on the MoPicID field, the API returns the correct data:


        "errorCode": "0",

        "result": "OK",

        "data": etc.



      Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any workarounds short of enabling modification of a primary key?