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    FM16: Buttons are grouped as default, annoying when you want to edit tooltips etc..


      Behavior differs from earlier versions.


      Product and version:



      OS and version:

      macOS Sierra



      When you create a button from a text object, field etc (but not a "real" button) FM16 convert it to a group. This is extremely annoying if you later want to create a tooltip, set conditional formatting, change field, or other things you do 1000 times per day when you develop.


      How to replicate:

      Enter Layout mode.

      Convert a text object or a field to a button.

      Now you can't give the object a tooltip or a conditiional formatting, among other things, anymore.



      - Use FM15

      - Ungroup the object (thus loosing the button).

      - Use the new Layout Objects Window.


      Please fix this, it's so annoying I have to stick with v15...