FM16: Buttons are grouped as default, annoying when you want to edit tooltips etc..

Discussion created by carlsson on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by mcguirk

Behavior differs from earlier versions.


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macOS Sierra



When you create a button from a text object, field etc (but not a "real" button) FM16 convert it to a group. This is extremely annoying if you later want to create a tooltip, set conditional formatting, change field, or other things you do 1000 times per day when you develop.


How to replicate:

Enter Layout mode.

Convert a text object or a field to a button.

Now you can't give the object a tooltip or a conditiional formatting, among other things, anymore.



- Use FM15

- Ungroup the object (thus loosing the button).

- Use the new Layout Objects Window.


Please fix this, it's so annoying I have to stick with v15...