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    Developer Portfolio Options


      What have other developers found to be the most effective way to present their work samples to potential clients?


      A web site?

      A PDF file?

      A FileMaker file?

      I was even thinking of  an interactive iBook.


      I feel that screenshots alone say a lot about my UI and my graphic design skills and aesthetic, but don't say anything about whether my solutions actually work.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          FileMaker Files, unlocked or with full access instructions, and a thorough summary of how much (if not all) of the file you were responsible for developing. Make sure to also include what the file does.


          Even a demo file of different techniques you put together is a good idea.


          If you use existing work, make sure you have (in writing) the working owner's permission to use it, and never expose anything other than sample data.


          Short videos demonstrating usability and the offer to provide a personal tour would also be wise to have available.

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