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Working with concurrent connections

Question asked by ndveitch on May 22, 2017
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Hi there,


I need to find out information regarding the Teams/User Connections for a client of mine. They want us to develop a stand alone system for their Suppliers to be able to log into and update invoice information. We are thinking of just having a stand alone file on the server that the Suppliers can log into using the User Connection licensing. The thought is to load FileMaker onto the Suppliers computers and give them a launch file that would direct them to the stand alone file. Then once they have updated their invoice information, we can then run a script to pull that information into the Main system.


Seeing as a supplier would only log on if they need to upload an invoice, at the most there would be 20 suppliers at one time trying to log into the system. Would I use the Get ( UserCount ) in my launch script and say if there are more than X number returned, then don't allow the User to connect?


Also is this the best way for us to get around the solution of suppliers logging in to the system to upload their invoices?