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    iOS Camera Roll Access


      We have an application currently running as an FM Go app. We are looking to list the contents of the iPad's Camera Roll into a list box for selection purposes. Once a group of photos are selected we will be uploading them to a specific Dropbox folder.


      1. Is it possible to list the contents of the Camera Roll with thumbnails from an FM Go application? If so, any examples available?
      2. If it is not possible, would an FM Go application converted using the FM iOS SDK have access to the Camera Roll contents with thumbnails?


      We do not want to select one photo at a time and we do not want to save the photo to FM. We want to display them, let the user check the ones they want to upload, click an Upload button, and then send the photos to a specific predetermined folder on Dropbox (using a Dropbox Access Token).

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          FM Go can only use Import Script step to get a picture.


          With iOS SDK it's possible to develop access to camera roll, like showing a picker or querying thumbnails.

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            Insert from device will let you select photos from the Camera roll.    The photo will have to be inserted into a container field.   The FM Json prevents files from being uploaded from the system level. (security reason)  The file has to be upload from the container to dropbox.    



            The uploading from Container instead of system level is from other community post.   My testing has been the same.  I attempted to upload a file from a local file path and the file was created with 0 bytes in Dropbox.   Uploaded from container and the file uploaded correctly. 

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              Were you uploading using FM Go or an FM iOS SDK solution? It sounds like I'll need to use iOS SDK if I want to select multiple photos at once and not save them to the FM db. I was looking at the cUrl functionality to do the upload but it would be from the local iOS Asset path (Camera Roll).

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                Anything which is not included in FileMaker Go by default, needs to be custom created via SDK.

                Including access to camera roll via iOS APIs.

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                  I used FMGo.  


                  The FM command set is the same in both the iosSDK and FMGo. (Native FM)

                  The iosSDK will let you run other sdks , add-on, or plugins  that are not available in FMGo.  

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                    iOS SDK is going to be my only route. Is there ANY documentation that describes how to write something like accessing the Camera Roll in an FM iOS SDK application?


                    The only documentation I've found basically describes the FM iOS SDK as a simple wrapper that handles launching the FM Go application. We host ours on a server which would work fine. But then where do you hook code in the FM Go application to native SDK code?

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                      As stated above you will have to create the add-on in another language such C in Xcode, Microsoft has just release visual studio for Mac which also might be an option.   It not a simple task, requires advance users.   Christian, I believe has created some plug-ins for the iossdkapp.  

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                        I don't have a problem writing it in XCode, outside of FM. Now I just need to find someone that can tell me how to integrate that native code.

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                          You may ask FileMaker for a copy of the FM 16 SDK.

                          Be aware that there is nearly no documentation for this and most is outdated.


                          But maybe they have a sample project for you included.