FMS 16 and Wildcard SSL Certs

Discussion created by tcwaters on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2017 by tcwaters

I tried to upgrade our servers (2 box config) to FMS 16 yesterday, and ran into a problem on the worker box in the new deployment assistant.If I entered the host names, I got a time out and the worker box never gets added.  If I use the IP addresses, I get a "Server cannot verify the SSL certificate" and still don't get it to work if I check the "Connect using the unverified certificate" box.


The SSL Cert is a wildcard cert.


On some level, I think I understand the second error- when I plug in the IP, this data doesn't match the cert. But I don't understand the "timeout" error or how to get around it. 


Does anyone know what port this is being handled on?  I could then have a network engineer watch for the traffic to see if we can figure out the time out.  Is the issue a port problem?


These two boxes are fully functional with FMS 15, and it doesn't appear there are any port changes between 15 and 16, right?