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Can't exit after the last record

Question asked by tolson on May 23, 2017
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I have a phone based trivia app I'm working on.


The switchboard has a series of buttons allowing the user to enter into another interface where he or she is presented with a question. If they select the correct answer they can move to the next question and so on.


The first script opens the layout the person views questions in and has the needed dataset.  This dataset only pulls up questions that haven't been previously viewed and it does move to the first record in the set.

In this interface there is the question, answer selections and two buttons, one that exits the interface and another that advances to the next record and changes a field in the underlying table from "0" to "1". The purpose for this is if the person exits out to go to a different layout, when they re-enter this interface they will only see questions that have not been viewed.

Here's the script:


This one immediately closes the window once it advances to the next record. If I take the "Close Window" line out, I can't get it to exit the layout once the end question is viewed and answered.  I tried a calculation wherein the Get(FoundCount) = Get(RecordNumber) was placed in a loop, but the best I could get it to do was exit the record BEFORE the last record.


This has to be something simple I'm either screwing up or omitting. Any suggestions would be welcome.