Counting entries in filtered portal

Discussion created by J_File on May 23, 2017
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Hi all,


I want to be able to display the total number of rows in a portal in the portal header like this (click on the image to see the count of rows on the far right hand side):

Snap 1.png

I am doing this by creating a new field like this:


Snap 2.png


I plonk that field on my layout and all works as expected.


Thing is, I have the odd set of data where I am using filtering on the portal to display different bits of the same data. The counting method I am currently using only returns the total number of results as if the filtering was not being applied. Any ideas on how to count the number or rows in a filtered portal? Or in this case, should i just be creating a new relationship to display the rows I want to see as opposed to using the easier (and lazier) method of using the inbuilt portal filtering?


Thanks in anticipation of a helpful response!