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Get GPS Location

Question asked by eshute on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by schamblee

Hi, newbie here I'm afraid - I'm (trying) designing an app for the ipad and would like to able to set a field so that it automatically fetches and displays the GPS location at the time the record was created. I've found some information on here regarding Location and Location function values and so know its something to do with that but what I cannot find is an idiots guide to how to set up the field and what type of field it should be etc - do i need to write a script and set the field to it?


I tried setting up a new text field (should it be something else?)) and then using the set field option which takes me to the 'specify calculation' screen. I tried entering the following script but it returns a message saying the specified table cant be found?


Jobs::GPS Location = Location ( accuracy {; timeout} )


What am I doing wrong? Is it much more complicated than that?


Can anyone help a clueless person please?? :-)