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    Updating portals


      I have a Company Dashboard that shows Invoices and Jobs in portals. The invoices update OK when I add invoices, however the new Jobs don't show in the jobs portal that are created after I created the portal. Is there a script trigger or something that I need to add for the job portal to update when I load the Dashboard.

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          Refresh Portal

          script step designed specifically for manually refreshing the contents of a portal.

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            I am using FMP 13 Advanced, but don't see a Refresh Portal option. I have a Refresh Object, but this doesn't work.

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              Note the documentation I pointed out says it originated in filemaker 14.


              Try the Refresh Window script step. Check the box that says “flush joined results”.


              It’s a much harsher refresh that will reload the entire screen, but it does work for updating portal contents.

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                OK tried that, it must be something else. In Jobs I have 103 records. The jobs all match the Customers. But in the Company Dashboard it only shows 93 Jobs and the last jobs and the customers are not there. At a loss at the moment.

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                  That indicates that there is a relationship problem, like the jobs do not have the proper keys to relate.


                  How are your two tables related?

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                    I should have mentioned that if I make changes to any of the jobs that are visible in the portal, these changes are reflected in the Job details ni the portal on the Dashboard. So there does not appear to be a relationship problem.

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                      Screen capture of relationships attached.

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                        Yes, but the problem isn’t that records that are properly related can be updated. The issue is that records that are supposed to display as related are not. That points to these possible causes:



                        1)      They are not refreshed (crossed that off the list now)


                        2)      The portal is filtering them out (do you have portal filtering on?)


                        3)      The portal doesn’t have scrolling turned on


                        4)      There is a relationship problem that prevents the new records from showing properly.


                        Unless I’m missing something then those are the only reasons why records would NOT display in a portal. #4 seemed like the most likely case.

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                          what tables are your dashboard and jobs portal based on? Chances are the relationship path between the two portals is causing your behavior.

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                            Yes it has to be your #4. See the attached portal setup.

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                              From your relationship graph,


                              you should be on your "Customers" layout to show the directly related "Job Details" table. However your layout called "Company Dashboard" in your last screenshot would make me think you're on that table.


                              That means you're trying to pull data from across:
                              Company Dashboard X Invoices >-- Customers --< Job Details
                              Which would not work.


                              That relationship would allow you to view all invoices (based on the cartesian join) from the Company Dashboard table, however the Job Details would be filtered artificially based on the Invoices table that sits between that on the relationship. I think what you're seeing is only Jobs from Customers that have an existing invoice. Meaning you would NOT see jobs from any customers that do not have any invoices.


                              So the related data is behaving how you have it setup.


                              To get the direct relationship from Company Dashboard to Job Details, you would need to create a new table occurrence of the Job Details table and relate it directly (via Cartesian, like you have with Invoices) to the Company Dashboard table.


                              FYI questions like this are on the FileMaker certification test, so it's important to understand relational context between tables that are more than one "step" apart on the relationship graph.

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                                I understand what you are saying, but don't know how to create the relationship. I added the job details table but don't know what fields to use or create for this relationship or if there should be any calculations in the fields.


                                Can you or someone please give me an example of what the Cartesian relationship should look like or point me in the right direction where there is more info. I don't know how to access the FMP certification test material.

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                                  You already have a cartesian join between Company Dashboard and Invoices.

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                                    I tried duplicating this and just get the same record repeating itself

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