Date entry should trigger quote number on another layout

Discussion created by jvt on May 23, 2017
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Hello all.


I have made this quote numbering system which works well for me.

Every year, every month has a new quote system which starts at 01.

I.e 2017 03 01 is the first quote for March 2017 and 20170302 would be the second quote in March.

The same is then for the first quote in June 2017 06 01. and so on.


I have 2 problems. One. The up-date on the page doesn't happen automatically.

I have to tab 3 times before the script which I set on the exit of the Invoice date box works???

My script is a simple copy and paste

So once I have copied the Invoice number of invoices this month to the copy field, the record is saved with this number.


I now go to a new layout and have added with the field picker the invoice date and the copy field.

When I perform a new record in the new layout the copy field is not up-dated.

When I go back the invoice creator layout the date field has not been up-dated.

I thought that when I just inserted with the field picker the same field that is would up-date everywhere where that field is used?


This shows, that I changed the date to DEC, but the copy field was still Nov.

Any help would be great, as I'm stuck again.

Best regards