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    Date entry should trigger quote number on another layout


      Hello all.


      I have made this quote numbering system which works well for me.

      Every year, every month has a new quote system which starts at 01.

      I.e 2017 03 01 is the first quote for March 2017 and 20170302 would be the second quote in March.

      The same is then for the first quote in June 2017 06 01. and so on.


      I have 2 problems. One. The up-date on the page doesn't happen automatically.

      I have to tab 3 times before the script which I set on the exit of the Invoice date box works???

      My script is a simple copy and paste

      So once I have copied the Invoice number of invoices this month to the copy field, the record is saved with this number.


      I now go to a new layout and have added with the field picker the invoice date and the copy field.

      When I perform a new record in the new layout the copy field is not up-dated.

      When I go back the invoice creator layout the date field has not been up-dated.

      I thought that when I just inserted with the field picker the same field that is would up-date everywhere where that field is used?


      This shows, that I changed the date to DEC, but the copy field was still Nov.

      Any help would be great, as I'm stuck again.

      Best regards


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          Jason Wood

          First thing I should point out is that there is almost no time when you should use the "Copy" and "Paste" script steps.

          You can do it all in one step and avoid interfering with the user's clipboard if you just use "Set Field".


          I'm struggling to understand your approach, but I think if you can answer these questions it will help:


          1) Are there any other scripts involved in this process?

          2) Is the script you showed us activated by a script trigger? Which script trigger and which object is it applied to?

          3) Is "Quote Number::year month invoice" a calculation field? What is the calculation?

          4) How does "Number of Invoices this month" get its value?

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            Hi Jason


            Over night I have thought about this and my action to think that I was making a copy link like in excel, would not work, because each record has it's own date.


            I am now thinking that the easiest way is to re-make my calculation in the quote layout and after it is working to delete all the other boxes which I don't need.


            The problem with the calculation is that after I create, a one time invoice number, that it over writes all the other records with the last created number. So I had to find a way to get the create number into a new box, so that the record and the number stay together. Now working.

            The invoice number is created with this calculation. Before I have to get the year and the month from the date.

            Quote Number 2::Calculate Year & Quote Number 2::Calculate Month & "0" & Quote Number 2::Number of Invoices this month

            Later today, I will move the calculation into my layout and I'll be another step nearer.

            Best regards


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              Jason Wood

              I can't follow what you're saying because you haven't answered any of my questions. Plus you're adding more confusion because on your screen shot it looks like "Invoice Number" is an auto incrementing integer. But you're explaining it now in a way that looks more like the field that looks to be called "Invoice Number number of invoices this month".


              Then I'm seeing table names like "Quote Number 2" which is suggesting to me that there may be bigger problems here. If you want further help I suggest you answer the 4 questions and also post a picture of your relationship graph. For any layout that's involved in this numbering problem, indicate which table occurrence it is based on.

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                Hi Jason

                It's done.

                I took my calculation table and re-made it in the quote table. Added all fields and made new calculations. So now I have in the invoice table/fields my layout, added my calculations and it works. . This made it easier for me.

                The only 2 problems I have, is that these calculations can not be deleted in the layout.

                I thought that they would still calculate even if not shown on the page.  But when I print these don't show up anyway, as I have them outside the print area.

                I know it's very strange. It's because I haven't a clue how these things work and just find work arounds.

                The second is, the up-date of the copy field. Still need 3 tab moves before it triggers

                The trigger is set on the exit invoice date field. But doesn't do it straight away.

                Don't know what set field is or does!

                Sorry that I can't answer your questions, I haven't got any answers to them.

                Best regards


                I wish that apple would offer classes in Munich as they do in SF.

                I have no knowledge of this system at all. Only YouTube videos.

                Guy Stevens is the only one I have found which makes sense of it.

                When people write to me with scripts and other knowledgeable comments. I can't understand what I'm meant to do.

                I'm such a beginner, but have quite a workable database.

                It took me 3 days to find out how to make a print out layout.

                The layout formats given in print are labels, tables and something else which had nothing to do with a letter format on A4 paper. All I wanted to do was make a page which printed. It wasn't until I saw a video, where no format is chosen, that I realized that was the way.

                I'll keep at it, one day I'm sure I'll understand more. I don't even want to show my relationships. Spiders would be proud of my creation. But it works. I'm self employed, so I'm the only one who has to use it.

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                  Dein langer Text wäre mit Absätzen um einiges lesbarer ...


                  Übrigens, falls du Interesse an einen FileMaker Tutor hast, kannst du dich bei mir melden. Ich sitze in München, aber würde sowieso Skype o. ä. vorziehen.

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                    No idea what your talking about.

                    Translates to.

                    Your long text would be with heels readable to some ...

                    Do you mean. My long text is not comprehensive?


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                      No, I understand German very well. You mean paragraphs. Just "google" doesn't translate well. No worries. Thanks for your comments. Would be a pleasure, to work with a person that has a feeling of "a likely story".

                      I write in English as it leads to less comments about incorrectness and more direct information.

                      Thanks for your offer. Will keep it in mind.


                      Best regards