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working changes from a development version into a live version

Question asked by mhd2307 on May 23, 2017
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Hi fellow FM users,


Got a question regarding how to best ‘transplant’ changes from a development version into a production version of a solution.


First sentence says it all really. I have a Filemaker solution shared on a Mac and 3 users doing our daily business with it. Regularly we have a little meeting and discuss what features would be good to add to the current solution. I take note of these wishes and try to make these a reality by working on a copy of the solution. Once we all agree that the changes are worthwhile having, then comes the big issue of working the changes into the live solution. Now I find this difficult because there are changes being made which are dependent on other changes etc. and it's quite a hassle to keep track of what has been changed, which script has been added, etc.


I’m sure I’m not the only one hitting this wall so I’d be much obliged for some good ideas how to tackle this. Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,