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FMS 13 CWP Simultaneous Requests time out

Question asked by IainPennington on May 23, 2017

Windows Server 2008R2 Standard, 6GBram, 2GB free hard drive space


PHP version: 5.6.24

FMP API version: 1.1

Filemaker Server 15

This is a one machine solution


We just upgraded from FMS 11 to FMS 15, running on a fresh install of Windows Server 2008R Standard (running on a Virual Machine)



There are a number of web pages on our system. A couple of others do updates. 


Everything runs fine EXCEPT for one specific line where a a record is being created from a $_POST

$newTripRec = $fmp->newAddCommand('Shipment_Submit');

if (FileMaker::isError($newTripRec)) {

exit('Error in new record: <br>' . $newTripRec->getMessage());


$newTripRec->setField('Contact ID', $ContactID);


after that, 66 more field are updated using SetFields 

then we execute:

$results = $newTripRec->execute();


at this point, if there is just one web request, the system works perfectly. The response returns within 2-3 seconds. 

If however, two or more submits happen at the same time, the system stalls and ultimately all web browsers timeout.


the php timeout message the browsers return is this:

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\HTTPServer\conf\includes\FileMaker\Implementation\FileMakerImpl.php on line 373


so it seems as though filemaker server, or the WPE, freezes as that point.


the related layout contains ALL necessary fields.


if Anyone has any insight on this, it would be much appreciated. repeated google searching, and just about every workaround I can concieve of has been tried, and the client is getting VERY concerned.







$newTripRec = $fmp->newAddCommand('Shipment_Submit'); if (FileMaker::isError($newTripRec)) { exit('Error in new record: <br>' . $newTripRec->getMessage()); }         $newTripRec->setField('Contact ID', $ContactID);