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Can we run FMP on Windows 10 Home Edition? Other ideas?

Question asked by cna4623 on May 23, 2017
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I'm in a small nonprofit with very thin budget.  I've been using FMP 5 (truly ancient) on Windows 98 (ditto) and finally the boss got me a new computer, which came w Windows 10 Home Edition. At my home (Mac OS 10.6), I have FMP 10, which has enough features for what we'd need, and does the file format conversion from .fp5 to .fp7 just fine. implies that Windows 10 Home isn't enough -- we need Windows 10 Pro, at least -- and the extra $200 or so for the OS is an issue for us.  I looked at and don't see any other reason to spend $200 to get 10 Pro instead of 10 Home. We need just 1 FMP license at the office.  We don't need Server or Advanced. 

What's our best approach?  We don't want anything hacky, we don't want to bootleg anything.  Here are some options --


1.  On eBay, I can find FMP, apparently never used, in versions like 9 - 10 - 11.  But I don't know if any of them run on Windows 10 Home -- they were developed long before Windows 10.


2.  On eBay, I can find FMP in versions 12 thru 15 (not all of 'em).  Also, I suppose we could buy the FMP license & downgrade it.

      Three issues: A. I don't know if any of them run on Windows 10 Home.

                           B. I'd need to upgrade my home copy to a version that uses .fmp12 format.

                               That would go w upgrading my  home computer, which I gotta do in any case,

                              maybe to Mac OS 10.11 or so.  (Have been putting this off b/c AppleWorks,

                              BBEdit, and FMP 6 use Rosetta, which won't work after I upgrade. I won't

                             need Rosetta. After I get out of FMP 5 and 6.)  But there is a cost factor:

                              I'd need  2 copies of FMP via eBay.

                           C.  Are there major security reasons to go to recent versions of FMP?


3.  Maybe there's some practical way to run FMP 15 or 16 on Windows 10 Home.  Is anyone doing this? How well does it work?


4.  If we really have to, we can buy both Windows 10 Pro and FMP 15 or 16.  But that's lots more expensive, even w discount for nonprofit organizations.  Also, if we get a license for FMP 15 or 16 for the office (Windows 10), can I use the same license (not simultaneously) at home on my Mac?  (The home use assumes that my home Mac is upgraded to a supported OS.)


Thanks for advice,

Carl        5/23/2017


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