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    iOS Drop-Down List location


      As far as I can tell, FMGo (I'm on an iPad Pro) determines whether to display a drop-down list to the left or the right of a field based on the field’s location relative to the center of the screen.

      If the field is left of center, the list appears to the right, and vice versa.


      Is there any way to change that?

      I have a drop-down list that covers up text that the user needs to see.

      The field is on the right side of the screen, and I want the list to appear to the right of it.



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          There isn't a way to control the collision detection of the native dropdown list object. Remember it can be a variable width list anyways depending on the value list you load, so it may change even if you could control it. That leads to a bad UX, so FM takes care of collision detection automatically.


          One method around it is:

          1) Create a button in place of your current dropdown that does a Go To Field action.
          2) Make your current dropdown a 1pt x 1pt field that opens in the proper location.


          It's small so the user doesn't see it until the dropdown is opened. The button is used in place of the field to open the dropdown list.


          You could also get fancy using the "hide object when" calculation with the button.

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            Another option is to do away with the drop down and use a popover to simulate the dropdown.  If the value list is a conditional value list you could use a portal to display the values.  Then you can locate the portal wherever you want.  Hide the portal when the field is not active. 

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              Thanks Mike and rgordon.

              Both good ideas, however there are over 80 fields and the layout scrolls.

              So I can't use a single portal or popover because it would not always be on screen.

              And creating the extra fields and buttons for so many fields is too much overhead.


              I solved the problem by moving the fields farther to the right so the drop-down doesn't cover the text.

              Thanks again for your ideas.

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                You might also use a button bar as your value list. This is a bit tedious to set up sometimes, but you now have complete control over where it appears and how many values at one time are displayed and in what order--even if the values come from a table.


                You can find a working example of that here:


                Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection