Repeating Fields & AVPlayer Play

Discussion created by bonde on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

Product and Version: Advanced and Advanced

OS: MacOS Sierra, 10.12.5

Hardware: 15-inch MacBook Pro, Late 2016 - 2.9 i7, 16GB


Description: When using AVPlayer Play, and setting the 'Source' to a field with Repetition, putting a variable or a calculation into specifying the repetition field switches the presentation mode to 'Full Screen Only' on script save. Furthermore, switching the Presentation mode back to 'Audio Only' clears the variable from the repetition specification window.



  1. Have a repeating field.
  2. Select that field for AVPlayer Play, and specify which repetition using a variable or calculation.
  3. Toggle the Presentation Mode to 'Audio Only'.
  4. Save the script ~ the presentation mode should have erroneously jumped to 'Full Screen Only'.
  5. Try to toggle Presentation Mode back to 'Audio Only' - clicking out of the specify dialog will clear the variable from the repetition specification. 


Attached is a screen recording of the issue.