Nonlinear response to a script

Discussion created by LewisRobinson on May 23, 2017
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I have written a program which moves multiple Hypercard Records into a TextEdit file.  I have written a Filemaker script which takes that file, puts it into an empty field in a Filemaker table and then creates new records in the table for each Hypercard record in the file putting the data for that Hypercard record into a field.


Number of records in TextEdit file   Size      Time for script to run

100                                                 593 K      under 1 minute

200                                                1.26 M    under 2 minutes

400                                                2.46 M    under 3 minutes

800                                                4.36 M     9 - 10 minutes

A 10 megaByte file took over 2 hours


Increasing the size of the file cache to 255 M has made no difference in speed.

The program beeps after each record is processed and the beep frequency slows down markedly toward the end of the run.


I'd be happy to put a copy of the script here, if someone can tell me how to do it


Control-A turns the whole script blue, followed by Control-C, followed by Control-V does not copy the script over here.