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    Printing From FileMaker Go


      I have a FM database that is shared via FM Server to the Internet. The Go app connects to a database that lookups a record based on the FM Go app scanning a QR code. We have a need to print the QR Code (already in the FM DB and on a layout) directly from the Go app. How can I request a print of the QR label from the Go App and have it print to the Barcode printer hanging off the same network the FM DB is hosted on? ( I could install the barcodes printer drivers on the FM Server box.) Just not sure how to manipulate the request to print from the iPhone or iPad. Perhaps a button on the layout vs. using printing on the mobile device. I have tried the Lantronix Print Server for Airprint to no avail as it needs Postscript printers to work and the barcode printer is not.


      I have seen discussions about using slave FM clients sniffing for print jobs. Not sure I understand how that is set up. I assume that is using a FM Pro license to perform that task.

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          FMGo16 now supports custom paper sizes but that's it. You either need to purchase an iOS compatible barcode printer, or setup the robot printer slave like you mentioned (which does require a license for FM Pro)


          That robot method is detailed well with a sample file here:

          Different Approach to Handle PDF Printing via WebDirect

          Essentially a FileMaker Pro install sits there on a queue layout with zero records.
          When you queue from FMGo, it creates a record in that table corresponding to a record in another table to print.
          The act of creating a queue record causes the robot to fire an OnRecordLoad script trigger, which takes the ID of the request, performs the print job, and then deletes the "queue" record.
          Once done, the robot eventually returns to zero records waiting for any other queue record to be added.


          FileMaker server is not compatible with the Print script step, so it doesn't matter what drivers you have there.

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            iWare : PrintAssist

            You can print directly from FileMaker Go.

            PrintAssist Features
            • Print with AirPrint printers and non-AirPrint printers!
            • Print on any paper size without ruining the layout!
            • Objects (images, PDFs, or handwritten signatures) can be transferred!
            • Print QR codes or bar codes!
            • One tap and print!
            • No need to use an SDK to develop an app, which is provided by printer manufacturers!
            • Specify the number of copies!
            • Bluetooth printer support.
            • Text to Speech supports.