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Printing From FileMaker Go

Question asked by gedkins on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by user14047

I have a FM database that is shared via FM Server to the Internet. The Go app connects to a database that lookups a record based on the FM Go app scanning a QR code. We have a need to print the QR Code (already in the FM DB and on a layout) directly from the Go app. How can I request a print of the QR label from the Go App and have it print to the Barcode printer hanging off the same network the FM DB is hosted on? ( I could install the barcodes printer drivers on the FM Server box.) Just not sure how to manipulate the request to print from the iPhone or iPad. Perhaps a button on the layout vs. using printing on the mobile device. I have tried the Lantronix Print Server for Airprint to no avail as it needs Postscript printers to work and the barcode printer is not.


I have seen discussions about using slave FM clients sniffing for print jobs. Not sure I understand how that is set up. I assume that is using a FM Pro license to perform that task.