FM16 has to "reinstall" each time a try to open a file directly

Discussion created by hschlossberg on May 23, 2017
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FM16 / Win 7


If I open FM16 and from there open a file, everything works as expected.


But if I instead double-click a file on my desktop or somewhere, and FM16 is not already open, I get this dialog while it seems to go through some sort of configuration (which takes 45-60 seconds each time), plus a DOS window that does some more installation stuff.


Similarly, whenever I'm working in FM15 and export an FM file (or save as copy; open automatically), it semi-expectedly attempts to open the new file in FM16 but runs into the same "please wait" configuration dialog.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled 16 more than a two dozen times since I first got my copy, but never with any luck in avoiding this issue.