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    FM16 has to "reinstall" each time a try to open a file directly


      FM16 / Win 7


      If I open FM16 and from there open a file, everything works as expected.


      But if I instead double-click a file on my desktop or somewhere, and FM16 is not already open, I get this dialog while it seems to go through some sort of configuration (which takes 45-60 seconds each time), plus a DOS window that does some more installation stuff.


      Similarly, whenever I'm working in FM15 and export an FM file (or save as copy; open automatically), it semi-expectedly attempts to open the new file in FM16 but runs into the same "please wait" configuration dialog.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled 16 more than a two dozen times since I first got my copy, but never with any luck in avoiding this issue.



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          I have seen this in versions before 16.

          It has something to do with the extensions mapping on your PC.

          I don't have a PC handy today to experiment with

          Have you deleted the installer?

          right click on the a FileMaker file and check the 'open with' default.


          good luck!



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            Thank you for your post.


            Neither myself nor another Support Technician has ever seen this before, and I realize that doesn't help you.


            Let me know if the suggestion by "jerrysalem" works.  If it doesn't work, what can you tell me about your installation of FileMaker Pro 16.  Specifically, was it installed to the default C: drive or to another drive?  If the C: drive, was it installed to the default location of:


            C: -> Program Files -> FileMaker -> FileMaker Pro 16


            Temporarily create a new Windows user account.  Login to the new Windows account, launch FileMaker Pro 16, create a new test file and save it to the Desktop.  Quit FileMaker Pro 16 and then double-click on the new test file.  Does this work?



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              I've figured out why this is happening.


              Whenever I install FileMaker, I always to a custom install where I disable installation of language packs.  I don't actually know if it then installs the languages or not, but at some point afterward I end up noticing all the language folders WERE installed in the FM program folder.


              I always delete them because they are a bunch of clutter whenever I have to get to the Extensions folder.


              FileMaker operates fine under this condition as long as you open the app first and then from there open your database files.  But if the app is closed and you start by opening a database file, it runs through this configuration process...where afterward those language folders have been reinstalled!


              The highlighted folders below are the ones I delete that lead to this issue:

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