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Container Contents not viewable from FMS16 with FM Pro Adv 16

Question asked by user23246 on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by dryan

Just upgraded my FMS 15 to 16, FM Pro Advanced 15 to 16, and GO from 15 to 16.


On each database hosted by FMS 16 - ALL of the contents of the containers (the contents all are PDFs) are not viewable when connecting to the database from FM Pro Advanced 16.  The containers ARE viewable when connecting through GO or WebDirect.


The server is running Sierra and FMS 16.  Its almost like when Adobe Acrobat had issues with FMS in version 13, and if you uninstalled Adobe Acrobat, and relied solely upon Preview, the problem went away.  No such luck this time.


All workstations are iMac with Sierra.  The FM server has Sierra,  16GB memory, 1T SSD drive and FMS 16 installed.  Nothing else involved.


Firewall issue?  -  don't think so.  I can connect from within my LAN or from the local Starbucks down the street.  Laptop with FM Pro Advance 16 can't see container contents.  GO and WebDirect see everything just fine.


Port issue?  -  I don't know.  Although all of the ports necessary to see the databases are open or available and working like they are supposed to work.


Damaged database file? - No.  If I copy the database from the FMS 16 machine to a workstation, and open on FM Pro Advance 16, the container contents can be seen just fine.


And if I put the database on a FMS 15 machine, the container contents are viewable with FM Pro Adv 16.


Any one else have this issue?  Any help would be appreciated.




Ed Levine

WL Consulting