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PLEASE HELP!  WebDirect Fields not saving using Chrome on Android

Question asked by Mike_K on May 23, 2017
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I can't seem to find a solution anywhere, and at this point, I'm hoping that the solution is so simple that I'll look like a complete idiot, as that would be better than not having a solution.



When using WebDirect via Chrome on Android (Samsung Galaxy S7, Chrome v.58), I tap into an empty field and enter data.  When I tap outside of the field after the data is entered, the text remains on the screen of my phone, but does not save to the file.  I know it doesn't save, because in order to verify, I connect through the Filemaker Network using my desktop and watch the data save as it is entered.  Details on when the fields save are below.  The best way for me to describe how the text is handled, is that the text entered in the empty field is "held in suspension".



I create a basic file with only 1 table and 4 fields (1 of the 4 fields is auto-enter serial primary key).

File is set up to allow webdirect and filemaker app access.

In order to ensure permissions and accounts are not a problem, I did not set any passwords, and allowed full access for Guest login.

Formatting is minimal and there are no scripts, script triggers, etc.  Just a single layout with the four fields mentioned.  That's it.



- Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced v.14.0.3 to create file

- Filemaker Server 14 v. to host file

- Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android v.7.0.0)

- Chrome Browser v.58.0.3029.83

- Table name = TEST

- Field1 = pk_ProfileID

- Field2 = Email

- Field3 = FirstName

- Field4 = LastName

*All desktop tests of WebDirect do not have this issue

*iPhone tests using both Safari and Chrome do not have this issue

*Tested on another newer Android phone with same results

*Authored a test file using Filemaker 13 and the results are the same



1.  I open the file for the first time which has 0 records.

2.  I create a new record

     - Auto-enter field populates with next serial # (in this case 1) on my phone only.  Desktop viewer of same file via Filemaker App shows no new record yet.

3.  I tap into the "Email" field, and type in my email address.  Once complete, I tap outside of the field to exit the field.

     - At this point, both the Auto-Enter Primary Key Field as well as the email address field both save to the server instantly.

4.  I tap into the FirstName field and enter text.  When I tap outside the field to save the data, the text remains in the field on my phone, but it is not saved to the file on the Server side.

5.  Step 4 is the same for the LastName field.



- If I use an auto-complete option at the top of the phone's keyboard instead of manually entering each character, the field DOES save instantly, but has an added character 'space' at the end of the field entry.  (part of the default for the android system when auto-completing text)

- After I've entered text into an empty field, and exited that field, the text is not saved.  However, if I go back into that same field, add a character, and delete the new character, then exit out of the field again, the field saves to the server.

- After I've entered text into an empty field, and exited that field, the text is not saved.  ALSO, if I go back into that same field, add any amount of characters, but don't delete any characters, the text remains uncommitted and empty on the server side.

- After I've entered text into an empty field, and exited that field, the text is not saved.  THEN, if I delete the record I am editing, (let's assume there's only 1 record, leaving 0 records after deleting) any fields that WERE saved (in this case, the auto-gen serial Primary key) are deleted along with the record and show up empty as per normal.  BUT the fields that were not saved to the server side, yet still show the data on the phone's browser screen, REMAIN POPULATED EVEN WHEN THE RECORD # IS 0!



Everything about this makes me feel like there's a setting or option or update I'm missing that will make all this headache go away.

Feel free to chew me up and spit me out and make me feel like an utter mistake to the world of software development as long as you can solve my problem.  I will humbly and gratefully pay homage to the god who frees me from this anti-android curse!



Please, please, please help.


Thanks in Advance,