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    Song Duration Conversion


      I noticed the question I had about how to address song duration in a field type in this post
      Converting song times to seconds
      and also that the question for this post had the "Not Answered" status
      yet it seems to be answered

      Since this also happens to be my question, I'm curious if the status is incorrect, or if there remains an unanswered question regarding this post.
      Thanks for answering that, and also for letting me know a better way to address a concern like this
      ie: is there a guide for best practices for interacting with this Filemaker community system?

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          Thank you for your post!


          The Original Poster is able to mark their questions "Answered". While there is an answer on the thread you mention, the Original Poster simply hasn't marked it as such.


          If you have similar questions about the software you could also post a question in Discussions. If someone provides a correct answer, you can mark the response "Correct Answer" in which case the post becomes "Answered".


          This location (Community Feedback) is for questions about the Community itself, such as this thread.


          I hope this helps!



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            Very helpful.  Thank you.