Script Workspace - Search and closing tabs

Discussion created by kvdb on May 24, 2017
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Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced

OS and version 10.12.5

Description: Closing an script (tab) loses search result

How to replicate: Open script workspace and open one or more scripts. Type after a value in the search field. When the search is complete and it shows all the scripts with the given search term, click on one off the scripts you have open in your workspace or try to close it. Important: if the script you 'touch' or try to close is part of the search list of scripts, everything is fine, but if you click on a script that is not part of the current search, the search value gets removed and you lose 'focus'










A. Open App.Script.001 and FM.Script.001

B. Search for app, it will give you a list of 3 scripts

C. Click on the script name App.Script.001, nothing happens, click following on the script name FM.Script.001 and here you loose the search term and focus