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    Scrollbar missing in WebDirect


      I have a FIleMaker database hosted on FileMaker Server 15 Advanced. It appears fine in the fat client. In the thin (WebDirect) client on IE, Chrome and Firefox some of the high screens get chopped off at the bottom. There is no scrollbar to allow one to recenter the screen. The Arrow and Page Up/Down keys have no effect.


      How can I enable Vertical scrolling in WebDirect?

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          FileMaker Server 15 Advanced

          There's no such thing as "advanced"





          Firefox is not a supported browser; just IE, Safari and Chrome on Desktop and Android.


          Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? If it's happening in all browsers, it points to something in your file, not necessarily WebDirect or a browser issue.

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            You are right. FileMaker no longer supports 'Advanced' versions of the server.


            I have 2 screen captures, one showing how one of the layouts looks in IE 11 and the other how it looks in FileMaker Pro v15.


            I redacted some of the content from this IE image. No point in sharing it with the world. As you can see there are no scrollbars and the box that contains Assay Name is at the bottom of the screen. This is on a monitor sized at 1920 x 1080 and the browser window is maximized.




            The following is the screen capture FileMaker Pro showing the same content. I scrolled down so you can see the lower part of the page. As you can see, below the box containing Assay Name is the Patient Index label and its text box.



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              Is all of this contained inside of a body part? You've double checked to make sure that no objects overlap between layout parts? What happens when you tab through everything, does it take you to the field at the bottom of the layout?

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                The Patient Index and its text box are at the bottom of the body part. There no overlapping objects in this layout. When I tab down to the Result field in the box containing Assay Name, the next tab goes to an unknown place, presumably the hidden Patient Index box. Pressing tab again goes back up to the Patient ID field at the top of the page. I used Chrome this time but it probably doesn't matter..

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                  At this point of time I'm thinking it might be theme incompatibility or something else.


                  Can you try building a new copy of the layout using a different theme?


                  Remember a lot of themes are being deprecated starting with FM16, especially the classic theme.


                  Try making a new layout and placing a single field way down below to force the scroll bar. Does it work on that layout but not the one you are having issues with?


                  Normally I recommend that people have separate layouts for WebDirect and Desktop due to slight differences in rendering. The above test could point you towards if that's needed or not here.

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                    I think I have a solution that may work. Changing the browser zoom level to a smaller number shows more of the page. Making it small enough allows one to see all of the page. Switching to full screen mode and removing some of the browser menus yields more vertical screen space.

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                      That’s more of a kludge than a solution. I would really try to investigate fully what is preventing WebDirect from acknowledging the lowest object and displaying the scrollbar.

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                        Add a footer nav part to your layout. You could make it 1pt high to hide it even.