Making a soultion avaliable to an unknow amount of remote users

Discussion created by HenryRobinson on May 23, 2017
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There is so many different option now on how one could make a solution available remotely I am a little confused on the best option.


First here is my setup and a quick description of what I would like to do.

  • I am currently running version 15 but I have 16 just not installed yet. I am developing on windows 7/10 and have some users on iPhone/iPad
  • FileMaker Pro 15 advanced
  • Filemaker Pro 15
  • FileMaker Server 15


What I would like to do is sell a monthly subscription that would give remote and offline access to my database updated daily. Of course for the offline update the user would need to ether re-download or I might setup some sort of syncing. If I could sell the database today I expect I would have between 2-10 users but it could grow I am just not sure by how much. I would be really excited if I got 50 monthly subscribers but I find it a little far fetched.


So I guess this is two questions

  • How do I give remote access to a unknown amount of users ranging from 2-50.
    • Web-direct would have a nice advantage of letting it work on Android but I have to say the times I have tried this in the past I have not been impressed.
    • Users could buy FileMaker pro for desktop or have FileMaker go on portable devices. but this sounds like I would need to buy access for ever 5 users?
  • How best to give offline access.
    • I have played around with runtime solutions and I really like this option so far for windows but not sure about iPhone or iPad just have not tried it yet.
    • Users could buy FileMaker pro for desktop or have FileMaker go on portable devices.
    • sounds like I might be able to sell it as a app on iTunes? Not sure if that is true or not just read it tonight.