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Back to very basics. Help please

Question asked by rjalex on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by philmodjunk

After flying back over the Atlantic and having to interrupt my learning for some "real" work I've lost my budding understanding of FM and need some new handholding pls :-)


Here is my current initial TO structure:


TO graph.png


and in context of the prodotto (product) table I want to have two fields filled up by selecting from another two tables as follows:


a) I need the "Aliquota IVA"  (VAT %) showing a list of taxcodes::desc and when one is chosen store the corresponding taxcodes::__id_taxcodes_pk value


b) same goes for the Marca (Brand) field: select from a brand::name list and then store the brand::__id_brand_pk value


How do I setup this in either the Manage->Database dialog (tried a few things but they did not work out) or in the Layout inspector dialog (or whatever else I need to do) ?


I'd be happy to stop here to go in baby steps but then in the future I'd like to go further when I have to enter a NEW brand or TaxCode.


basic product layout.png


Again thanks a lot.