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    Back to very basics. Help please


      After flying back over the Atlantic and having to interrupt my learning for some "real" work I've lost my budding understanding of FM and need some new handholding pls :-)


      Here is my current initial TO structure:


      TO graph.png


      and in context of the prodotto (product) table I want to have two fields filled up by selecting from another two tables as follows:


      a) I need the "Aliquota IVA"  (VAT %) showing a list of taxcodes::desc and when one is chosen store the corresponding taxcodes::__id_taxcodes_pk value


      b) same goes for the Marca (Brand) field: select from a brand::name list and then store the brand::__id_brand_pk value


      How do I setup this in either the Manage->Database dialog (tried a few things but they did not work out) or in the Layout inspector dialog (or whatever else I need to do) ?


      I'd be happy to stop here to go in baby steps but then in the future I'd like to go further when I have to enter a NEW brand or TaxCode.


      basic product layout.png


      Again thanks a lot.

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          The most basic approach is to use Manage | Value Lists.


          Set up "use values from field" value lists where field 1 is the pk value and field 2 is the associated description field.


          But more sophisticated value selection methods are also possible so you might find this file helpful:


          Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection


          And please note the "geek busking" info on the opening layout...

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            Ok great!


            So to newbie proof your reply in case someone stumbles on it ... :-)


            File -> Manage -> Value lists and do what you described very well and then on the desired field in layout mode use the inspector's last tab -> Field section -> Control style and use a drop-down list with Values from the value list you created in the previous step.


            GOOD ! :-)


            Now just to nitpick, in this case the default behaviour is that the field of a new record appears empty and I have to click on it to show the drop down list. Not super nice.


            Above all I need to prevent someone entering a simple value there when the value list is not covering a new situation but for a new value force the input in the relevant layout for the brand or tax codes with ALL of its fields.


            2AM here better get some sleep and tomorrow will see your example.


            Thanks a lot

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              Try a pop up menu in place of a drop down list.

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