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A way to parse hours from a field text to schedule med dose

Question asked by yomango on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by yomango

Hello. Y have POSOLOGY text field that could read: "TAKE 1 TABLET \/IA G-TUBE THREE TIMES A DAY/ SPASJIC    9UADRIPLEGIA (6AM-10AM-12N-4PM-8PM)"


I am trying to script a dose schedule based on the hours above that warns when it is time to administer the dose to a patient or patients.

First, I parsed out the hours within the parenthesis from the text field above.


Next is what gets complicated for me:

                              - I counted on separated variables how many "AM' and "PM: hours there are., together with the "N" for noon.

                              - Since the AM and PM hours go from 1 to 12, not in a military hour format, nor I can't script it to take the first one or the first two digits before the "am" or "pm" because, for instance, 6AM is not written with a "0" in front of it.

                              - Should I use "Position" function, based on the number of either "AM" or "PM" there are to parse out the  hours?

                              - Last, what is recommended once I got the hour. Do I place it on a global field so the script searches for the meds needed to be administered within that parsed hour? Again, how to know if 8 is AM and not PM or vice-versa?


Thank you in advance for your time and interest to help me.