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    Can't unload FMS 16


      when i want to unload FMS 16, it shows let me use the uninstaller.app.

      but when i go to the library/filemaker server, only found FMS14 and FMS15Snip20170525_2.png.


      so what I can do next?


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          Going forward, you might want to get a cool utility like Hazel (noodlesoft), which among other things, will help you remove remnants of files on your Mac when you delete an app.  When I have deleted an old FMP version, I just go to the applications folder and delete the FMP app file. Then Hazel kicks in and offers to remove all the pieces in various other places.



          You can download a free tool like "EasyFind" which will search your entire mac for remnants of a program -- even places you won't find using Spotlight-enabled searches.


          HOPE THIS HELPS.