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Data Entry Problems

Question asked by embeco on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 27, 2017 by embeco

My application has many data intensive screens. The user fills in many fields and most screens have a Comment field which is a large text field. She has no problems entering data into the smaller fields but when she goes to type into the comment field many times she cannot enter text. The cursor is there but nothing she enters on the keyboard is displayed. If she gets out of the box and back into the box sometimes she can then enter data. But many times it takes two or three times before text can be entered. Needless to say this is slowing down data entry.

This application does import up to 30 pictures to be related to the main Inspection record. There are 9 "Section" screens also related to the main Inspection record where most of the data entry is performed.

I have asked that she perform a System Mechanic run to eliminate all of the windows temp files and sometimes this helps but does not solve the problem. The computer is not connected to the internet when recording inspection data.

Is there a trick to entering large amounts of text into a data intensive system? Is there another type of field that I should be using?


PS I am getting a "Security Certificate Error" on this website.