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I am trying to make a calculated AppleScript to be able to push data to calendar. I have this working in native AppleScript, however I would like to clean it up and not to have to use scripting to sort which version of filmmaker and database name.


I came across a method to use a set variable statement to create the AppleScript using List function. I set the variables for the calendar prior to this set variable,


I keep getting a expected end of line but """. error not sure how to rectify this. Can anyone assist? Is there a easier way to do calculated AppleScript to push and retrieve data back to my database?


Mine looks like this:


set variable [$CalPush; Value:

List (

"set sd to " & Quote ($SchDate);

"set ed to " & Quote ($EndDate);

"set theDescription to " & Quote ($TskDescription);

"set StartTime to " & Quote ($StartTime);

"set EndTime to " & Quote ($EndTime);

"set theSummary to " & Quote ($Summary);

"set CalendarName to " & Quote ($Vendor);

"set sdd to date sd";

"set edd to date ed";

"tell application " & Quote ("Calendar");


"tell calendar CalendarName";

"set theEvent to make new event with properties {summary:theDescription, start date:sdd, end date:edd, description:theSummary}";

"show theEvent";

"set myUUID to the uid of theEvent";

"reload calendars";

"end tell";

"end tell";

"tell application " & Quote ($FMPVer);

"tell database " & Quote ($FileName);

"set cell " & Quote ( Task Events::TaskCurUUID ) & " of current record to myUUID";

"end tell";

"end tell";



perform AppleScript [$CalPush]